The Tidewinds Group can provide expertise on all aspects of internet software development. We have experience designing networks from physical and logical standpoints, administer servers running Windows and several UNIX variants, and have developed applications for a variety of platforms in languages like Ruby, C++, JAVA, PERL, and PHP. We can also help with smaller tasks like script installation and database administration.


"I just need a programmer to..." How many times have we heard this?! Those not accustomed to software development practices and cycles require experienced professionals who can explain the necessary details in plain English, while creating software that performs as expected. If you're frustrated with programmers who insist on speaking "geek" and creating the features *they* think you need, contact us today.

We believe in defining the requirements and feature set for a project before coding. In fact, all but the smallest projects go through an architectural review process with the client before coding begins. Clients (and our developers) frequently come up with new ideas for a project in the midst of development. While often beneficial, such ideas always change the time and cost elements of a project, so we remain open to discussing the terms of a project throughout development and expect the same of our clients.


All systems require some form of administrative upkeep, but keeping qualified professionals on the payroll can be costly. We can provide assistance in all aspects of Linux/UNIX, database, and web server administration. From simple tasks like log file rotation, database creation and cleanup, and account management to more complex projects like multi-server setups, resource usage evaluations, and compromised systems recovery - we can help.


We stand behind our work and typically agree to fix any perceived bugs for a set period of time after completion of a project. We can provide services beyond that point on an hourly or contract basis and are happy to assist in the brainstorming and development of "version 2."

The Tidewinds Group can also provide maintenance work on any open source or properly licensed code base developed by another company.